Digital urine monitoring system

Aries has developed Weightflow, a digital urine monitoring system to provide a reliable continuous control of patient’s fluid management. Weightflow is the only solution that can provide automated urine monitoring, increasing reliable detection of patient’s fluid balance, can reduce possible mistakes and save personnel time, friendly data storage method.

Destination of use Non-invasive device for monitoring of organic liquid, drained from patient, into a disposable bag and data recording
System composed of Control unit and monitoring system (dedicated bag holder)
Power supply 12 V
Sizes 126x167x72 mm
Total weight (without bag) kg 2,5
Risk class, following 93/42/EEC directive, Annex IX Class I m (device with measuring function)
References Standard EN 60601-1:2006+A1:2013; EN60601-1-2: 2015; EN60601-1-6:2010; EN 62304: 2006
Display 128 x 64 dots
Accuracy bottom scale
Unit of measure ml
Flow from 0 to 5.000ml
Maximum alllowed load 5.000 ml / 5kg
Minimum measuring unit/resolution 10 ml
Battery charge indicator YES
Compliance with European Directives 93/42/CEE+2007/47/CE (DM); 2012/19/UE (RAEE);
2011/65/UE+2015/863/UE (RoHS); 2014/53/UE (RED)
Bluetooth interface YES
Battery life 6 days
Therapeutic hour setting YES
Drawn time display YES
Drawn day viewed YES, with possible view and print of totals and time details for each day
Specific weight setting YES
Patient identifier YES
Updating video data Every 5 sec
Drained time storage Up to 20 days
Drained daily storage Up to 20 days. With possible view and printing of the hourly details for each single day
Selectable pause YES
ALARMS Too full
Minimum drained alarm (during a settable time period: 0’-15’-30’-1h-2h-4h-6h-12h-24h)
Maximum drained alarm (at a settable time: 0’-15’-30’-1h-2h-4h-6h-12h-24h)
Replace disposable dedicated bag
Disconnected bag cable
Bag full
Emptying error
Bag tare error
Print data detected YES, using a dedicated bluetooth printer directly to the patient bed