Photoprotective bags for protection of light sensitive solutions

Protective bags for vial, bags and syringes containing light sensitive solutions.

  • Materials: polyethylene LD. Latex free – pvc free
  • Produced with a special barrier effect for light source with wave length between 200 and 600 nm.
  • The optic filter allows to block selectively the wave length responsible for the inactivation of light sensitive solutions. The transparency of the material allows to check the liquid inside.
  • These bags are studied to protect the light sensitive solutions from those problems of selective photo degradation which could lead to a partial or total disappearance of therapeutic effects.
  • Each bag of the UV-Barrier range is produced with a special adhesive sealing stripe, an open site for the administration sets and a hole to hang them on a pole.
  • Class: I NON STERILE
  • CND Ref N°: A0899


Liquid solutions protection device.

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