Infusion sets for the administration of chemotherapy drugs

Aries has created “ChemoDrip” a complete I.V. closed circuit, in order to guarantee the complete safety for personnel and patient during infusion of chemotherapy drugs. This set allows the infusion of several chemotherapy drugs at the same time, saving the sterility of the fluid path.


Clinically tested materials* compatible with chemotherapy drugs.

Drip Chamber

A new complete range of drip chambers studied and realized to help personnel during infusion procedures.

New Spikes

A new patented range of spikes studied and realized to have a safety connection to bags and vials during preparation and infusion of drugs.


The safety in line valves allow connection with bags and vials without any risk of contamination. They allow the complete closed circuit avoiding any possible back flow during administration of drugs.

Connect sets

The connect sets between main set and bags/vials are produced with tested materials* and new patented spikes studied and realized in order to have easy and safety connection. The possibility to insert 0,2 micron in line filter, makes this set available for administration of “TAXOL” and for all those chemotherapy drugs which require the same material’s characteristics.

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