Vented spike for withdrawal and reconstitution of lyophilized drugs

Highest effective filter value for professionally prepared sterile products

  • Save time. Increase productivity with high-performance spikes.
  • Economical. Decrease costs by purchasing complete filter product line from single vendor.
  • Improve safety.
  • Protect healthcare professional with venting devices.
  • Improve work flow. Products designed specifically for pharmacy admixture applications.

Use with lyophilized chemotherapy drug products in vials and multi-dose lyophilized drug (non chemotherapy)

  • Protects workers. Vial vent protects workers from exposure to hazardous drug aerosol. No-pressure system of lyophilized drug preparation.
  • Safer for patients. Vial access filtered fluid path minimizes vial coring opportunity. Large filter surface area protects sterile fluid path, preventing transfer of particulate.
  • Effective value. Dual-function device with filtered sterile fluid path and recloseable luer lock syringe access. Luer lock cap or needle less valve permits safe storage and allows sequential withdrawal from multi-dose vial.
  • Easy-to-use. Single-spike vial entry permits vented reconstitution and filtered multi-dose withdrawals.

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