Vented spike for reconstitution of drugs with coupling system to vials

Protective bags for vial, bags and syringes containing light sensitive solutions.

  • Safe. Single spike vial entry with special tip for total drug recovery, its special design minimize coring and contamination risk.
  • Use in pharmacy “cleanroom” or nursing patient care environment to release the vacuum from prepackaged multi-dose vials during solution withdrawal.
  • With coupling system to vials of 30, 20, 13 mm. diameter.
  • Easy to use. Needle-less dual lumen system for quality control of sterile drug preparation.
  • Luer lock cap or needle less valve permits safe storage and allows sequential withdrawal from multi-dose vial.
  • Capped spike protects health care workers during handling.
  • Class: 1 STERILE
  • CND Ref N°: A0704

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